Embedded Software



           What is the main goal in embedded systems engineering? 

           Automatization in all.

           And we do it. 


           Tell us what do you need and we will make it automatized.


           Vending, manufacture, access control system, monitoring,

           smart technologies ...

           and many other things that make sense.  





Wire, wire, wires...

Past, past, past...

Many kinds of wireless protocol.

From 1 to 5500 Mhz. 

ZigBee, XBee, Bluetooth, WiFi and more

Transceivers: TI - CC1100 - CC5200, RF10 - RF, BT LE, Wi-Fi. 


Supporting Soft

Supporting Soft

For the most effective work embedded systems need support of powerful PC or smartphone:

         - setting 

         - statistics

         - monitoring

                                     - another different tasks

All kind of supporting programs for different microcontrollers. 

Differents kinds of connection: USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, COM. 




Wearable  -  clothes, shoes, watches...


Maybe socks? We can propose chips for identification of socks... 

And you can find them very quickly... Right, left? You will know it for sure. 

If you need it :) 


We can help you to identificate, connect with your smartphone, locate, monitore and other by BT, GPS, Wi-Fi etc.





Different drivers for different devices?

And one for you.


Printers, bill & coin acceptors, card readers, routers and many other devices...


Different tasks

Different tasks

Machines, devices, development of PCBs, mini PC, supporting soft and many other innovative electronics, embedded things... We do it all! 

 Maybe you have a task for next Tech Revolution? We will do it almost for FREE!

our product: Laudromat systems