PCB design



More than 45 years of combined experience in PCB design allows us

 to solve most complex problems.




       Development of technical conception (specification or product requirement document) is an important part of development process. The conception could be changed after the start of product development. But it is much better to be ready at the beginning of the project.
       Usually, we work with our Clients when the concept is already prepared, but if you don't have it - no problem! We can help you by turning your idea into a conception!



Complex approach to PCB design includes schematic design and PCB layout: 


                    Complex approach is more comfortable,


                                                           more warranted

                                                                                       than only one part of it.

Schematic design

Schematic design

Schematic design:

  -  different level of complexity;

  -  selection of appropriate components;

  -  schematic documentation;

  -  the definition of the functional unit.

PCB layout

PCB layout

- placement of electronic components;

- electromagnetic compatibility of components;

- imitation of print circuit board testing;

- 3D-modeling of the board.

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