Central Board for laundromat system

Central Board for laundromat system



Central board for laundromat system


Year: 2015


Function: Transmits information about the selected wash cycle, temperature and other options on the washing machine. Control of pressing the Start-button, identifies errors on a washing machine. By wireless (ZigBee) connecting with Slave board (Access control module).  Can connect with different devices by RS242, RS485 like card readers and dispensers. Connects with bill and coin acceptors. Transmits information to the server, sent SMS about breaking, accumulate statistic information. Connect with a smartphone by bluetooth. 


Technical details:


STM32F207 is the main processor. It is equipped with GPRS-modem, Bluetooth. Connecting with different devices like LCD, bill and coin acceptors, card readers, dispenser of cards and liquid. Master board & slave board interaction by ZigBee. 



      • RTOS: Keil RTX
      • Programming language "C"
      • 25000 lines of powerful code
      • Z-stack home
      • bill acceptor protocol - ICT


Our works: 

Hardware: FULL CYCLE - concept, schematic design, PCB layout, PCB documentation, pilot producing, testing of prototypes and error correction. Industrial producing.

Software: FULL CYCLE - conception, algorithmics & architecture, coding, testing and bug fixing, upgrading and support. 



It works well for today!





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