Control laundromat board

Control laundromat board




Control laundromat board & software


Year: 2008-2010


Function:  Bill & coin acceptor connection. Indicate price and stage of a washing cycle, pricing, controlling START button of a washing machine by Access Control Module (wire connection). Statistics information, different accounting for various counters to check cash collection. Stability works in hard conditions. 


Technical details:


Atmega 16, symbol screen, bill & coin acceptor, connecting with PC by the programmer.  

          • 3 release of hardware
          • Stability works in hard conditions
          • More than 500 produced boards
          • Electronics works without repair for more than 7 years.



       CodeVision AVR

              • Programming language - "C"
              • More than 5000 lines of powerful code
              • 6 releases of software 



Our works:

Hardware: FULL CYCLE - conception, schematic design, PCB layout, PCB documentation, pilot producing, testing of prototypes and error correction. Industrial producing.

Software: FULL CYCLE - conception, architecture & algorithms, coding, testing & bug fixing, upgrading, support. 



Perfectly works till today!




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