Data-collector board 


Year: 2015


Function:  Data-collector is a part of Smart parking system. It receives signals from the Parking sensors  at 868 mHz and transmits information about parking capacity to the server by GSM modem.  Allow to calculate the capacity of parking, time of parking in each parking place. 


Technical details:                

HARD: STM32F207, Transceivers HopeRF, 220V/24V, GSM-modem, Bluetooth. 

SOFT: programming language - "C", RTOS: Keil RTX, About 15000 lines of good quality code. 


Our works:

Hard: conception, schematic design, PCB layout, Prototyping, testing & bugs fixing. 

Soft: conception, algorithm & architecture, coding, testing & bugs fixing




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our product: Laudromat systems