Forms of cooperation


Aims and suggestions.


We believe that everything can be negotiated, but also for convenience designated for you some of our suggestions. 


1. Our main aim a product of the best quality.

2. The second aim is a long-term cooperation with Client.


And oriented on our aims we present our vision of cooperation with Clients.


Fixid price

Fixid price


Fixed price model is preferable for the small or medium scope short-term projects with clear and well-documented requirements.


Clear conditions and terms are main advantages of this model. But this model has and limitations too. There are  addition of  features and changes.


Fixed price is a good way for understanding your Partner at the first stage of cooperation. 

Time & materials

Time & materials


 This model is more comfortable as for Client as for Developer. It is suggested flexible form of cooperation which allows: 


       - to change requirements and properties of a project

       - to add options and features 

       - to live and get pleasure


       Creativity is working in full power in this model. 


       Maybe it is a bit expensive but a lot of interesting and qualitative. 

Dedicated team

Dedicated team

In the Dedicated team model outsource company provides competent IT experts, equipment, and other resources based on project requirements.


And Client pays single a sum of money that basically includes each team member’s monthly salary and provider’s fee.


Client has full management control over the project and team, can manage resources and plan work scope at their own discretion with the maximum benefit for themselves. Dedicated team seamlessly works as a part of the client’s infrastructure, shares the same perspective on the project methodologies and is very interested in achieving company’s business goals.



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