About us



 Mission: automation monotone human activity  and providing a more comfortable environment for people through the development of devices and software. 


 Vision: We see one constant in this world - the world is changing. And we know and sure that SenseSystems are a group of professionals who has strong  wish & capability for developing things that take part in changing this world again and again.


  History (shortly): we are starting as product company in 2007 in vending segment. On the market of vending equipment we have developed more than 6 big projects and more than 500 automates working well at the whole world. Today SenseSystems got a success and grown up into a service company that provides services for the development of hardware and software and remote centers of R&D. 


  Our results: 

                SmartTechnology - 1 project

                Vending - 3 projects.

Telemetry - 3 projects

Different spheres - more that 15 projects (middle & small)

115 hundreds of square meters of printed circuit boards

53 kinds of microprocessors which we have used in development

12 kinds of transmitters 

frequency from 433MHz to 5,400 GHz

7 operation systems include RTOS


  Our summary experience: 

43 years in PCB design

22 years in Embedded software

18 years in Desktop Software

12 years in Server developing



Together with you - We are SenseSystems!

our product: Smart parking systems