Embedded engineering portfolio


Product overview

Create the schematic for the new MIFARE eLocker with two types of access: Master and Admin.  


For normal operation Access tokens are generated by a web application which has been created by Infinity lockers.

These tokens are written to RFiD cards which then open the lockers.

There are additionally two types of cards used by site managers to manage the lockers:

1. Master Card: Opens any locker for security inspections etc. Does not affect the usual sequence number so the current users card continues to work as normal

2. Admin card: Opens any locker for re-allocation purposes.

Adjusts the sequence number so that any existing user cards will not work Each Master or Admin card contains a token in the same format as user cards but where the usual lock serial number is replaced by a fixed byte sequence.

Technology & Work
  • 3D modelling of eLocker
  • 3D redesign
  • Research Market for ProductionSchematic re-engineering
  • Sourcing and electronic hardware components
    PCB design development
  • PCB producing*
  • Prototype assembly and testing
  • Firmware development
  • Firmware testing and debugging
    For software development and debugging, we have used "C++" and “C#” programming language.

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