Access Control Module Wireless

Access Control Module Wireless



Access Control Module Wireless


Year: 2014


Function: Module transmits information about the selected wash cycle, temperature and other options from the washing machine to the Central board. It controls pressing the Start button, identifies errors on a washing machine. Wirelessly transmits information to the central board.


Technical details:



    • Wireless - ZigBee;
    • Two kinds of antenna: a connectable antenna for long and an onboard antenna for a short distance. 


Software   C lange  ZiBee


    • Programming language - "C"
    • 3500 lines of quality code
    • Z-Stack Home



  Our works: 

HARDWARE: FULL CYCLE: For the start, we have made the conception and schematic design.
Сontinuing with PCB layout & documentation and closing with pilot production, testing & bugfixing. Our product has already been used in industrial production.


SOFTWARE: FULL CYCLE: conseption, architecture & algorithms, coding, testing & bug fixing, upgrading, support.





It works excellent till today!




our product: Smart parking systems