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Flood Alarm
Flood AlarmFlood AlarmFlood Alarm

WaterWaker. Australia.

Product overview

The goal was to make a standalone durable waterproof  portable device ready to go for the series production. 

The Flood alarm is a smart outdoor water level detector. It providing early warnings help avoid or reduce potential damage from flooding.
Water damage is one of the most expensive insurance claims. The Flood alarm will send alert-message to owner when the water will reach a certain level.


First of all we had to review and debug existing firmware code written in ARDUINO IDE.

For these purposes we’ve made a model of working ARDUINO-system based on functional schematic with the help of the shelf modules.

The next task was to design the new printed circuit board (ARDUINO copy in fact) which would consist of all of the system’s modules and components on itself. To achieve that electronic schematic and pcb layout was developed.

Also working on this project implied 3D modelling job. There were changes and updates in 3D model of the device.

Technology & Work

Work performed:

  • 3D model Lid
  • 3D printing (4 pcs)
  • Testing PCB
  • Pre-production PCB (4 pcs)
  • Purchasing components
  • PCB production

Power supply: 3.7V Li-PO battery with protection (FS8205A, DW01+) and charging circuits (TP4056).
Solar panel: 0.25W solar panel to charge Li-Po battery.
GSM: SIM800L, SIM5320 modules with external antenna.
Water sensor: custom built water sensor circuit and water sensor
Additionally features were the indication with the help of LCD (1602) and control of the level of the battery charge.

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