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Laundromat Vending System
Access Control ModuleCentral PCBControl Module

Product overview

Laundromat Vending System consist of:


Central PBC: Coordinates the work of 20 separate devices via wireless connection at the self-service laundry. Reports to the server, receives commands and distributes them among the card readers, money acceptors, washing and drying machines, dispensers etc. Informs via SMS about breakdowns, accumulates statistic information. Control module: An embedded system that indicates the price and payment, washing cycle stage. Enables connection with cash acceptors and provides statistics on cash. Access Control Module: An embedded system that integrates the washing machine into the self-service laundry system. Transmits the information about washing programs central PCB. Controls the wash cycle commence and errors if any occur.

The design of the devices  was aslo developed.


Technology & Work

Software programming language - "C". CodeVision AVR.

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