Embedded engineering portfolio

Onboard generator control system

Product overview

To develop onboard generator control system (by yacht).
Onboard generator control system - marine generator controller and remote displays specifically for power control for onboard systems via mobile application.


Our control system displays the control signals to turn the generator on / off according to the following parameters:
1. Automatic mode (can be turned off):

2. Manual mode:

All settings are entered using the application on Android via Wi-Fi.
With the application, you can also turn on / off the oscillator.

Technology & Work
  • Microcontroller NUCLEO Board STM32
  • Temperature Sensor 433 MHz
  • Amount of supported buttons 433 MHz
  • Shore Power On SEN-11005 
  • Real time clock CPU on-board clock
  • Voltage regulation Connection to ADC, measure by CPU
  • Relays Arduino standard relays
  • Wi-Fi ESP8266
  • Bluetooth HC-09
  • Inputs for Shore power on (220V) Hall Sensor
  • Inputs for Generator run (12-24V) Hall Sensor
  • Inputs for Generator Fault (12-24V) Hall Sensor
  • An enclosure 433 MHz Wi-Fi antenna, 433 MHz transceiver

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