Laudromat systems



 This product is the complex project that include 4 (four) different devices which interact with each other. It  gives stability result for Client. 


Function: the main function is present full service for laundromat include washing, drying, buy detergent and all it function can be using without cash - only online payments. All this function can be monitored and managed by the internet. No people for service, 24/7 monitoring, all need function include. Total automatization of the important service for people. 


Technical details: RTOS Keil help to join 6 differents tasks of software to connect with each other. The language "C" is the programming language for developing the main program. At C++, we have code Service Manager for PC. MySQL base was using in DATABASE development. PHP, AJAX - was using in DASHBOARD and CONSOLE for SERVER. 




      1. Central board 
      2. Access control module for washing machines and dryers
      3. Dispenser liquid detergent board
      4. Dispenser cards
        1. Main Software
        2. Software for access to washing machine and dryer
        3. Dispenser detergent software
        4. Wireless card access software
        5. Server software
        6. Dashboard and console for server 
  1. Terminal case
  2. Access control 
  3. Case for dispenser of liquid detergent
  4. Case and mechanism for the dispenser of cards. 


You can see the presentation of product at link below


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