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Smart boiler
Smart boilerSmart boilerSmart boilerSmart boiler

Product overview

Smart boiler – smart, safe and power efficient water heater. The boiler can be made more power efficient by using temperature sensors to regulate the usage, and monitor the system to switch the boiler off when it is not in use.
This device is designed to allow user remotely monitor boiler work from a smartphone.
It allows to save energy by controlling the boiler from the user’s phone and preventing it from running all day long.


Main functionality: has a remote control counts how much water was consumed measuring the water temperature (inlet and outlet) considers energy consumption for water heating

Technology & Work
  • compact dimensions
  • dust and water type of housing protection (IP65)
  • easily accessible components
  • low power consumption
  • concept development
  • selection of components
  • rendering design
  • 3D modeling

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