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Smart Charger
Smart ChargerSmart ChargerSmart Charger

Asylon (Adam, Damon). USA.

Product overview

We decided to build the system on the industrial ICs and STM32 controller as the main MCU.

LM25088 is responsible for DC power converting,

BQ24600 – battery charger,

BQ76PL536A – balancer IC.

We chose passive balancing method (bleed resistors) as the simplest and smallest type of balancers available.

Necessary characteristic: 

Balancing should be available both while charging and discharging there must be a possibility to manually change type of charging/discharging and to control the device via I2C with the help of special commands protocol (start charge, start discharge, start balancing, etc).

Technology & Work
  • Schematic design
  • PCB design
  • Schematic correction
  • Purchasing Components
  • Firmware development 1 p
  • Firmware/Hardware testing and optimization

MCU: STM32F401
IDE: Keil
Power supply: 36V 15A input
DC-DC converter: LM25088
Battery charger: BQ24600
Battery balancer: BQ76PL536A
Measurement equipment: digital multimeters, ampermeters, oscilloscope, etc.

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