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Smart Parking System
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SenseParking, Ukraine

Product overview

We developed and designed full cycle parking system consisting of 3 devices:


Smart parking sensor
LoRa Sensors - locates a car at the parking lot by magnetic and infrared sensors and sends data wireless to the central device for processing.
The battery can supply this device for more than 6 years. In the city area device transfers information within 0.5 km. (~546 yards) range.
Parking Sensor Case has been developed with a focus on the minimum dimensions, ergonomics and easy in manufacturing and installation of electronics.
The case with a lid connects by self-tapping screws.
A sealing ring with right diameter bands case with the lid.
There were reached the minimum thickness of the walls by Internal stiffeners.
Despite this, it was provided the necessary margin of safety.
The main functionality: waterproof and dustproof case, reinforced top cover, easy installation and egronomic design.
Data collector
Collects and processes the data to issue an invoice for parking services according to the parking time.
The main functionality of data collector case: waterproof and dustproof case. We made ergonomic design for easy for installation and preliminary service. 
Parking machine (Parkomat)
The main functionality: vandal-proof case for protecting components of automat from dust and moisture, ensuring the wireless connection.

Technology & Work

Data Collector:

  • MCU: STM32F207
  • Transceivers: HopeRF
  • Power: 220V/24V
  • Data transmission: GSM-modem, Bluetooth
  • Frequency: 868 mHz
  • Software programming language: "C", "C++"
  • RTOS: Keil RTX

LoRa Sensor:

  • programming language - C

Smart parking sensor:

  • plastic is 3.2 mm
  • ergonomic design
  • reinforced top cover
  • class of protecting - IP65

Data collector case: 

  • high-quality plastic
  • using through connection
  • class of protecting: IP65.

Parking machine:

  • steel is 3 mm
  • ergonomic design
  • powder coating
  • stable wireless connection
  • easy operation

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