Embedded engineering portfolio

SmartShades system

Product overview

SmartShades is requires to design Wi-Fi / Bluetooth based connected IOTen Home Gate Device


Electrical power stabilizing and matching in the system: solar batteries, motors.
Motors position tracking via electrical current value.

Components Description
Motor(-s) control – this block of code used for controlling desired numbers of motors.
Evaluating battery charge level – this block of code used for evaluating the battery charge level.
Bluetooth commands handling – this block of code used for handling next commands:


Technology & Work
  • Battery: Electrical power for system proper functioning
  • MCU + BLE: Controlling system, handling commands via BlueTooth
  • Motors: Providing mechanical power for shades position control
  • Solar battery: Increasing electrical efficiency of the system (using solar power)
  • Solar panel controller + charger: Providing normal charging process of batteries
  • USB-charger: Charging the batteries via USB-connection
  • Power converters: Providing normal electrical power for MCU, motors
  • Motor drivers: Provide normal electrical power for

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